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Corona Covid-19 IgM IgG Rapid test

This product has been replaced by our newest rapid test for the corona virus. You can find that here: Corona Antigen Rapid Test.

Sensitest Corona Rapid test for professional use. This rapid test can show within 15 minutes whether a patient has the IgM or IgG antibodies of the Corona Covid-19 virus. This is the rapid test certified in the EU with a CE declaration of conformity. The rapid test consists of a test cassette, a buffer liquid, a pipette and an English manual. The Corona Rapid Test gives the test result in 15 minutes whether a patient has produced antibodies for the Corona virus (IgG / IgM). The test cassette works with a drop of blood. First place a drop of blood in the collection hole of the test cassette. Then add a few drops of the supplied buffer liquid. The test result can be read after 15 minutes. The result is positive for 2 or 3 lines in the test window. With 1 line the result is negative. This product is only supplied to professional customers such as hospitals, doctors, nurses, denstists, laboratories and healthcare related institutions. Check your national legislation before buying this product. One box contains 20 test cassettes, 20 pipettes, 1 instruction manual and 1 bottle of buffer liquid. We also supply the lancets. In the UK this product is available to the public. The Sensitest Corona antibody test is in stock now and ready for shipment. Delivery time approximately 2-3 days via courier service in Europe. For more information please contact Sensitest. Telephone in the Netherlands 0031153642121 or in Belgium 003238081447.

How does the test work

The incubation period starts as soon as the body comes into contact with the virus. During this period, the virus multiplies but there are no symptoms yet. As soon as the patient suffers from a dry cough, or fever, sore throat, cold, or loss of smell or taste, the patient starts producing the antibodies (IgM) against the virus. Initially this may still be low, but after 2 to 3 weeks the Sensitest Corona test can detect these antibodies in the blood. After some time, antibodies that last longer in the body (IgG) also develop. These antibodies remain in the blood even when the patient has recovered. The IgG antibodies can also be determined with the Sensitest Corona Rapid Test. So if you have been ill in the recent past, you can use the Sensitest Corona Rapid test to detect the antibodies.

When can you perform the test

As soon as you feel a sore throat or a flu, it is too early to test with the antibody test. Only when you have been in your illness for 2 to 3 weeks since the first day of fever or other Corona-related complaints, it can make sense to test for antibodies. Not before. The timing of the onset of the first symptoms is therefore very important for the reliability of the test result. If you test too early, the patient may initially test negative while later the Corona develops. A patient who has recovered from Corona-like symptoms and is unsure whether it was Corona may very well detect Corona IgG antibodies afterwards with the Sensitest antibody rapid test.

How the test is done

Prepare the bottle with the buffer liquid with the cap open. With a sterile thin needle or prick, a hole is pierced in the finger. Wipe away the first drop of blood that comes out. Aspirate the second drop of blood with the supplied pipette. Drop a large drop of blood into the small drop hole. Immediately afterwards, as soon as possible, deposit 3 drops of the buffer in the large drip hole. Then wait 15 minutes and read the test result. Do not read the test result after 20 minutes.

Physician feedback

We get this information from users of the test: The test shows a dark T-line with people who have experienced Corona as a severe flu. The test shows a light T-line with people who have experienced Corona as a cold. The test does not indicate a T-line in people who may have had seasonal flu.

Please read all instructions before taking the test

Description of the article
Product typeCoronatest
ReliabilitySpec 99.2%, Sens 93.3%
Article codese-covid19
Use whenDetermining the Corona virus antibodies
Use before12 months
AvailabilitySold out
Shipping costStandard shippingcost (€ 2.50)
Our price€ 19,00

Read the instruction manual

Read the instruction manual
Photos of this product on

Satisfaction: very satisfied

"Corona sneltest met een zeer donkere T-lijn. Uitslag Corona antistoffen: positief."

2020-04-11 14:59:01

Satisfaction: very satisfied

"Licht positief testresultaat op de Covid test."

2020-04-10 15:48:31

Satisfaction: satisfied

"Deze Corona test geeft een negatieve testuitslag. "

2020-04-09 21:05:30

Satisfaction: very satisfied

"Positieve test uitslag op de Corona sneltest. Deze patiënt heeft Corona doorgemaakt als een zeer zware griep. De donkere lijn bij T geen aan dat deze patient mogelijk veel antistoffen in het bloed heeft."

2020-04-09 21:00:36

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