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Sensitest Pregnancy test dipstick (hCG stick)

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The Sensitest pregnancy test dipstick is a simple and affordable test to determine a pregnancy. This hCG stick is over 99% reliable and gives 2 clear lines when you are pregnant. The pregnancy test gives 1 line when you are not pregnant. The Sensitest pregnancy test dipstick is an early pregnancy test and can be carried out before a regular pregnancy test from your pharmacist. You can use this test from 4 days before the day you expect your menstruation. The test is carried out with urine and the testresult can be read in 5 minutes. One of our best selling items, thanks to its ease of use and good price. Specially designed for home-use. This product is packed with easy to understand English instructions.
Description of the article
Sensitivity25 mIU/ml
Product typePregnancytest
ReliabilityMore than 99%
Article codese-hcgdip
Use whenFrom 4 days before missed period
Use before24 months
AvailabilityIn stock
Shipping costStandard shippingcost (€ 2.50)
Our priceFrom € 1,69 Each
Satisfaction 93,0%
Shipped today before 17.30 hrs

User reviews

very satisfied
"Very good. Its has done exactly what it should do: to indicate a positive testresult. It gives a fast and reliable answer. It is easy to read. It is good to know I am pregnant now, i wont have to order again. "
Amsterdam 7 jul 2016 19:04

very satisfied
"Very good"
Brunssum 3 jul 2016 21:03

very satisfied
"Yes I would order this again"
Rotterdam 1 jul 2016 15:11

very satisfied
"Its so easy to use. Simple but reliable."
Almere 10 jun 2016 19:12

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Read the instruction manual

Read the instruction manual
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