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Sensitest Digital 12 ovulation tests and 3 pregnancy tests

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Sensitest discount package with 12 digital ovulation tests and 3 digital pregnancy tests. A complete new model for 2019 with 2 smart functions in 1 digital test. If you do not want to compare lines on ovulation tests or pregnancy tests, the digital test is the solution. On a small LCD screen the test result is shown in words. Without a doubt you know if you are fertile and when you have the best chance of becoming pregnant. Unique to this digital test is that with the same monitor, you can not only perform an ovulation test but also your pregnancy test. The pregnancy test also shows how long you have been pregnant. The results can be: not pregnant, 1-2 weeks pregnant, 2-3 weeks or more than 3 weeks pregnant. This makes this test unique. With a high reliability of more than 99%, the ovulation test can be used very well if you would like to become pregnant. This kit comes complete with a monitor, 12 plug-in dipsticks for ovulation tests and 3 plug-in dipsticks for pregnancy tests. Enough for 1 normal cycle. The manual is in Dutch, French, English and German. Our best ovulation tests together with very accurate pregnancy tests in one benefit package. Package especially for women who want to become pregnant and start testing. You use the ovulation tests to find your most fertile day. With the pregnancy tests you can check whether you have been successful. Developed for professional and home use. This package is delivered discreetly to the house without advertising or logos on the packaging.
Description of the article
Sensitivity25 mIU/ml
Product typeOvulationtest
ReliabilityMore than 99%
Article codese-ovudig
Use whenIf you want to conceive
Use before18 months
AvailabilityIn stock
Shipping costStandard shippingcost (€ 2.50)
Our price€ 25.99
Shipped today before 17.30 hrs


Read the instruction manual

Read the instruction manual
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